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The Best Cleaning Tips for Your Scrubs -Uniform Trader.


It's essential to keep your medical scrubs clean and disinfected. Not only do you want to avoid getting sick yourself, but you also don't want to spread germs to patients. There are a few different ways to wash and disinfect your scrubs, and This article will show you some effective methods.

Different Methods of Washing Scrubs

There are a few ways to clean, disinfect, and keep your medical scrubs clean. One way is to machine wash them on the hottest setting with detergent powder. Another way is to hand-wash them with hot water and detergent powder. You can also soak your scrubs suit in a mixture of hot water and vinegar for 30 minutes before washing them.

What Products to Use When Washing Scrubs

When washing your medical scrubs, you want to use products that effectively clean and disinfect them. Here are some products to consider using:

1. Detergent powder: Detergent powder is an excellent option for disinfecting your scrubs. Be sure to use a diluted detergent solution and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Antibacterial soap: Soap is a good option for cleaning your scrubs. Choose an antibacterial soap to help kill any germs.

3. Vinegar is another good option for cleaning and disinfecting your scrubs. Again, use a diluted solution and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How Often Should You Wash Scrubs?

As a medical professional, you know it's crucial to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This is especially true when it comes to your scrubs. But how often should you wash your scrubs suit?

The answer depends on a few factors, such as your job type and the length of your shift. For example, if you work in a surgery centre or hospital, you'll need to wash your scrubs more often than in an office. And if you have a long shift, you may need to wash your scrubs at the end of the day.

Here are a few general guidelines on how often you should wash your scrubs:

-If you work in a surgery centre or hospital: every day

-If you work in an office: every other day

-If you have a long shift: at the end of the day

-If you're exposed to bodily fluids: as soon as possible

Of course, these are just general guidelines. For example, it would be best if you always wash your scrubs after any exposure to bodily fluids, regardless of how often you usually wash them. And if your scrubs start to smell bad or look dirty, it's time for washing.

Disinfecting medical scrubs.

It is important to clean and disinfect medical scrubs regularly. Here are some tips on how to do so:

It is important to clean and disinfect medical scrubs regularly.

1. Use hot water and mild detergent to wash your scrubs.

2. Disinfect your scrubs by soaking them in a solution of 1 detergent powder to 10 parts water.

3. Rinse your scrubs well, and air dries them or tumble dry on low heat.

4. You can also disinfect your scrubs by laundering them in the hottest water setting on your washing machine and adding 1 cup of bleach to the load.


Assuming you have followed the tips above on how to wash and disinfect your medical scrubs, you now have a much better knowledge of how to keep your scrub suit clean. Always take extra care of your scrubs since they protect you from harmful bacteria and other contaminants.

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