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Make A purchase Make A difference

At Uniform Trader Inc, sustainability and quality assurance is not the only thing that drives us. The passion to change lives for good does. Every purchase that occurs directly affects someone. UT believes in building a strong society that is resilient and capable of standing up to challenges. Education is key to prosperity and without it, society at large may not be able to reach its intended potential.

Make a Purchase, Make a Difference

Make a Purchase, Make a Difference

The moment you purchase any UT product, a small percentage of that sale is directed towards a special fund that the company has created for the betterment of people. There are numerous things that we partake in. From distributing books to payment of tuition fees, buying school uniforms to providing effective career guidance to students, Uniform Trader undertakes this mammoth exercise around the year. In a pandemic-ravaged world, there is a greater need for assistance since a large section of the population desperately needs succour. We do understand and realize the enormity of the task at hand and the fact that it is near impossible for a single entity to transform the world. However, an ocean is created through drops of water, and we believe in making every effort count.

How does the process work?

Though it has been our dream to accommodate every dream, given the sheer numbers, it is not going to be an easy task. To streamline the entire endeavour, we have, put together a process. It is aimed at optimizing the resources available for the venture.

At the end of every financial year, which ends in March, a certain percentage of funds is taken out and by April, every year, we kickstart the process of selection. It is a robust selection system where we have tried to be fair. There are certain parameters that must be met before the individual can become a part of the program.

The financial condition of the individual or the family is of foremost concern here. It has been observed that plenty of families have lost their livelihoods in the past two years due to the pandemic and they are given priority. To further categorize, single mothers are sent to the top of the list, since they do suffer the most. We also have a separate selection procedure where we investigate students who are bright and enthusiastic about getting educated but financial constraints don’t allow them to fulfil their dreams.

Most of the students who are part of our program, have either lost their parents in the pandemic and are residing with their relatives, or who have parents who have lost their jobs due to the raging virus. Every one of them is from a lower socio-economic background and requires urgent assistance.

Final Words

Our educational support program has been in existence for the past 7 years and we dream of building it further. Our aim is to help at least 1000 students accomplish their dreams this year and many more in the future. So, remember, when you buy a UT product, you aren’t simply buying the best scrub but also helping us build a better tomorrow.

Let’s Work Together For Betterment Of Our Society.

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