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The Science Behind Why Scrub Suits are Almost Always Green

The Science Behind Why Scrub Suits are Almost Always Green

As healthcare professionals, we rely on our scrub suits to provide both comfort and protection while on the job. But have you ever stopped to consider why the majority of scrub suits are green? The answer may surprise you.

The History of Green Scrub Suits.

Scrub suits have only sometimes been green. In fact, they used to be white because they represented cleanliness. However, in the early 20th century, a notable doctor decided to switch to green for a particular reason. According to a 1998 article in Today's Surgical Nurse, the doctor believed that green would be healthier for a surgeon's eyes.

At the time, this was a somewhat arbitrary decision. However, over the years, research has supported the idea that green can be beneficial for surgeons in the operating room. For one, green is the exact opposite of red on the color wheel. This means that it can make doctors more visible in the operating room, which can help improve surgeons' vision and sensitivity to different red hues.

In addition, research has shown that green can reduce eye fatigue. This is especially important for surgeons, who may be working for long periods of time and need to maintain sharp vision. As a result, it is not surprising that green has been the most frequently used color for scrub suits for over 70 years.

The Psychological Benefits of Green Scrub Suits.

In addition to its practical benefits, green is also associated with tranquillity and healing. This can be especially helpful in promoting trust between patients and healthcare professionals. When patients see healthcare professionals dressed in calming, professional colors, they are more likely to feel at ease and confident in the care they are receiving.

Other Colors in the Healthcare Setting.

While green is the universal default color for scrub suits in surgical settings, it's important to note that different colors may be used to distinguish between specialities or professions. For example, doctors may wear dark blue, nurses may wear blue scrub suits, and technicians may wear maroon. It's also worth mentioning that scrub suits should be replaced daily and not worn outside hospitals. This is because they are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers who come into contact with patients.

Where to Find High-Quality Scrub Suits

If you need high-quality scrub suits, be sure to visit Our selection includes a range of styles and fabrics, including Cargo, Logan, and Petite Grey Label scrubs in the popular shade of "Surgical Green." With our vast range of options, you're sure to find the perfect scrub suit for your needs.

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