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Travelling With A Scrub Suit. The Essentials To Keep In Mind

Scrub suits are a must for doctors and healthcare staff and protect the personnel from the different types of exposures that they may be required to encounter in the hospital environment. But should doctors always keep a scrub suit with them, even when they travel? There are reasons why they should, and we dwell more on the topic in this article.

Why is it important to pack your scrub suit when travelling?

There are cases wherein medical professionals or doctors refrain from packing a medical scrub suit for their travels. This should not be the case when you travel to seminars or conferences. You could never be sure when the conference organizers intend to discuss some serious matters in an operation theatre.

If such is the case, you will realize that it would have been better if you had packed an OT scrub suit with you. There may even be cases wherein the speaker addressing a conference may ask who all have bought a scrub suit with them.

It is essential to recognize that a doctor may be required to practice his skills in an emergency situation, even if he is out travelling for pleasure. In addition, there is an entire range of conditions on the hospital premises where having a scrub suit with you will benefit you. So, for all medical-related travels, in particular, packing a scrub suit is a must for medical professionals.

How to pack your scrub suit such that it doesn't get damaged?

Packing a scrub suit has to be done right, so it does not crease. When a medical professional packs a scrub suit right, the presentation of the individual improves. This is a crucial factor in appearing responsible and reliable. This works positively from the point of view of the public image of your institution or your own.

Similarly, adequately packed blue scrub suits are less likely to tear or damage. This works well for enhancing scrubs' life. When you pack your scrub suit, you should pack it separately. This should preferably be done in the transparent bag which came with your scrubs when you bought them.

What to do with your scrub suit while you travel

It is recommendable to wear your scrubs only to work and not as leisure wear. This helps your pair of scrubs last and be ready for use instantly.

What other items should you pack when travelling?

Commuting calls for a lot of packing, and one would want to do the packing right. However, how much you pack depends on how many days you'd be away from home.

It is preferable to carry at least the same number of changes as the number of days you travel. However, some additions will be welcome, such as an additional pair of shoes and a jacket to conquer the weather. Toiletries are a must.

It is vital to carry a first aid box that includes prescription medicines and the ones you consume on and off, such as paracetamol.


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