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A disposable Gown is essential clothing protection for frontline workers in health care. The protective gowns are made of strong, elastic, transparent fabric, offering a complete outfit without compromising the worker's mobility. The disposable gowns can be used as often as needed and come in different sizes for maximum comfort and convenience.

Disposable Surgical Gown

Excluding Taxes |
    • They can be used only once and should be discarded safely.
    • The gowns are made out high-quality materials to ensure the best in class protection for the user
    1. Images are representational in nature. Therefore, the actual product may not look the same as the image.
    2. Returns and cancellations post payments are unavailable for Covid-19 products' orders.
    3. Delivery times may vary, driven by the shipping partner's service levels in the particular geography.
    4. In case of any product defects, which the Vendor acknowledges, Uniform Trader shall facilitate replacements for the same. But customer needs to send back the product.
    5. In case of exceptional scenarios, basis Uniform Trader's judgement, if a return is accepted, the scheduling of return pick-up and, in-turn, the refund could take much longer than usual, driven by the paucity of return pick-up facility availability.
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